Raymond Gaynor is a reclusive author, artist, photographer, and videographer who "lives and breathes" San Francisco. Specializing in thrillers, both political and technological, he is co-author

 - with multi-award-winning author A. G. Hayes in the politico-techno-thriller QUANTUM DEATH (Savant 2016).    

 - with William Maltese in the man-love political action thriller, TOTAL MELTDOWN (Borgo/Wildside 2011)

and author of the sci-fu (science-based futuring) novel THE EDGE OF MADNESS (Aignos 2020). 


Raymond also writes man-love romances and erotica, both gay and bi- under the pen-name Gary Martine.

Check out my daily blog at https://garymartine.yolasite.com/wordpressblog.php

Email Raymond Gaynor at gaynor.raymond1Xgmail.com
(Substitute "@" for "X")

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